TV Workshop

For this production I was chosen by the course tutors to work alone but in collaboration with Director (Ian Smith) of 'The Television Workshop' , a very successful and widely admired drama group based in Nottingham and comprising of members for ages 7 -21. These young performers have performed on stage and on television and I was given the opportunity to design, build and run two performances to showcase their work to the industry that funds the group and the families of the children involved. The performance was comprised of around 20 short sketches intertwined with projected videos of various television programmes that the children had worked in. My personal brief aim was to build and aesthetically attractive set with multiple acting areas but something that never suggested as specific location that would work for one sketch but then not for another. The material hung from the ceiling and the variety of obelisks (which ranged from 1m to 3.5m tall) allowed for performer interactions and gave them routes by which to create journeys within their movement.

Production: TV Showcase
Location: Nottingham, Waverley Theatre
Director: Ian Smith (reference available)
Designer, Production Manager,: Jamie Beaton
Lighting: Richard Hall
VT: Rachel Durance
Sound: Richard Cooper
Set Construction: Jamie Beaton, Rich Hall, Rachel Durance, Emily Croxford, Sarah-Louise Waterhouse