'Predella' is a short film, written and directed by Vita
Hewison (London College of Communication 3rd year)and
is a simple and artisitc film set in a small cornershop. After
much deliberation with her course tutors she decided that
she wanted to build a set rather than film on location. At this
point I was asked if I was able to help by designing a
structure to support an  8x4m ceiling and allow for areas
of wall section to be removed so that wideangle shots could
be filmed. After this was accepted by the health and safety
person at her uni. Vita and I costed the project under budget
and organised the delivery of all the materials for the build
week  With the aid of friends and her course mates we built
a fully fitted cornershop in the Hannah Barry Gallery in
Peckham Rye.


Writer/Director: Vita Hewison
Producer: Lucia Munoz Iglesias 
DOP: Kit Cook
Art Director: Jamie Beaton
Sound designer: Felix Jude West
Editor: Barnaby Wood
Set construction: Jamie Beaton, CJ Burnett,
Hugo Fergusson and Nic Moore
Production Designer: Sarah Bick