For this project I worked with photographer Armin Weisheit. It was Armin's idea to create two scenes, both were spaces in which he could place Stephen and other models to showcase Stephens work. We met over coffee and discussed what he wanted and how to get it in underbudget. The aim was to create a neat, manicured but natural wild setting, arranged on a 3x4m stage on a rake, with natural and fake addtions of grass and flowers we created a pituresque setting. The other set had a blue backdrop and required a variety of props including a rigid lassoo, balloons and metal props.


  Photographer: Armin Weisheit
Art Director: Jamie Beaton
1st Assistant: Robert Radmal
2nd Assistant:Roy Baron
Stylist: Mike Adler
Make up: Nora Nona
Hair: Mathew Wade
Rigger: Bryan Donaldson